About Us PRECISE GLOBAL MANPOWER SERVICES RECRUITMENT AGENCY  INC. With recent accomplishments in line with the recruitment business we are knowned and glamoured by our clients as one company which provides skilled workers that meets their high standards. We are a team of highly motivated staff whos only aim is to satisfy our clients needs. It is our outmost duty to comply to our clients expectations when it comes to providing quality skilled workers to thier respective fields of specialization such as the following: Engineering Professionals, Information Technology Professionals, Allied Medical Professionals, Oil & Gas ,  Other Allied Professionals and Skilled Workers OUR VISION is to be competent and effecient provider of qualified professionals and allied skilled workers in different industries, and to participate with our clients goals in achieving success to thier respective companies. OUR MISSION to deliver positive business solutions when it comes to manpower needs of our clients. Thus, delivering the right worker to the respective fields of specialization is our committment.
Copyright © 2012 PRECISE GLOBAL MANPOWER SERVICES RECRUITMENT AGENCY INC. All rights reserved. website: www.precisemanpower.com     Jeany Lou Monacar              PRESIDENT / CEO Filipino workers are known and recognized worldwide for its outstanding professionalism and handwork,and it is the belief of our company that Filipino workers are truly dependable and equip with enormous knowledge needed to fulfill each enormous knowledge needed to fulfill each passion in every work they do.It is a continous cycle of experience and handwork to become globally competetive and be recognize. We learned the valuable lessons which guide us to become better equipped to face the challenges.We seek new innovation and solutions to the growing demands and expectations of our clients.Ensuring the right recruits will be deployed and helping our clients company to become more productive. It is my outmost gratitude in thanking all of my clients and their continous patronage and belief in my company. MANPOWER SERVICES RECRUITMENT AGENCY INC.                          POEA LIC.:034-LB 071713-R